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A Shining Light

Chestnut Sober Living was founded by our Co-Owner Mark in December of 2015 in Portland Maine. Mark, being in recovery himself, saw a great need for affordable, low-barrier, sober living in the city of Portland Maine. When trying to get sober himself years before in Portland Maine, he was unfortunately turned away from many sober houses due to lack of finances or amount of clean time. 

This was the corner stone idea for the founding of Chestnut Sober Living in Portland Maine. Since our founding many other, unaffiliated sober living houses have opened with these same ideas, which is wonderful to see. We at Chestnut Sober Living remain unwavering with our effort of attempting to turn no one away because of inability to pay the total move in cost.

In May of 2016, Co-owner, Ryan came aboard Chestnut Sober Living to join Mark. Ryan and Mark had grown together in their own recovery in Portland Maine and decided they would be able to help more people once joining together. 

What started as a small, slow process, quickly began to become something larger than Mark or Ryan ever anticipated. With the first house remaining full and the need for more beds, in July of 2016 they secured another building. 

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